The Age of Aquarius…Chronos’ Returns?

Everyone, including myself, likes to think of the Age of Aquarius as being a welcome respite. We talk about the withdrawal from the onslaught of these times of industrial rampage, total moral and ethical putrefaction in governments, corporations and individuals, and a return to the true, all-encompassing spirituality. We want to believe that our rape of Mother Earth will cease and be reversed and that a profound reverence for Nature herself and all life will set in.

I still think this. I just don’t think it’s going to be that easy or that simple.


Because Aquarius comes to us under the reins of Saturn, the greatest buzz-kill in creation. And he’ll be our houseguest for approximately 2000 years.

There are different opinions about the AOA (Age of Aquarius) and when it begins or began. Because of the variables in size, and a fuzzy understanding of the degrees at which each one begins and ends, of our zodiacal constellations, the beginnings and closures of the ages cannot be entirely precise. If you visit Quora, be amazed at the ridiculous number of opinions, all of them varying wildly.

I’m going to throw in my personal opinion and thoughts here which, incidentally, carry no more weight than any of the others. It’s just my personal opinion.

It’s my feeling that a ‘Christ’ appears, a dying and resurrected ‘god’, to usher in each new age. If you are interested, do a little research and you’ll find that Yehoshua Ben Yoseph, aka Jesus, was one avatar in a line of many who died and were resurrected throughout history (or mythology if you choose to view it that way). It’s clear to me that the ancients actually did know exactly when the ages began and ended. Thanks to the Catholic Church and their absolute destruction and/or hoarding of true knowledge, we don’t have access to the wisdom of our ancestors. But it’s actually clear to me that this information is encoded very well by them in books such as the Bible.

Matthew 28:20 ….and surely I am with you always, even unto the end of the age.

These were the Christ’s words to his disciples before he kicked it.

Ages, and the worship of the current Christ who ushered in the Age of Pisces, last approximately 2150 years. We call our current year 2018. If you do the math based strictly on this information as though it were correct, that means that the AOA begins officially in the year 2150 or or in 132 years or so.

But I don’t believe this is correct. I believe that between the adoption of the Julian calendar in 46 BC and the subsequent adoption of the Gregorian calendar in 1582, some major fudging took place. There are many very well studied researchers who also feel that we have lost our place in time due to the institution of these calendars.

What is our real date? Who knows. There are plenty of resources on the net for you to study if you’re interested. Look into the theory of ‘Phantom Time’ and the belief that we’re actually living in the early to mid 1700’s. Russian mathematician, Anatoly Fomenko, and several other mathematicians were absolutely adamant that at least 300 years were missing from our official chronology and wrote extensively on the subject. If you find it hard to put faith in Russian research due to the non-stop propaganda against them from the western world, a western icon of profound scientific reasoning, Issac Newton, also believed that the historical timeline had been significantly altered.

In short, I believe that a Christ avatar ushers in an age. And based on my confidence in our very ancient and wise ancestor’s understanding of the cosmos, I believe the Mayan Calendar marked the end of the age of Pisces as December 21, 2012.

Do I believe we’re in the AOA right now? Yes, I really do.

Who is the new Christ avatar? I have no clue. Maybe we’ll get an idea of that in the coming decades. But I have an idea who the ‘anti-christ’ might be. Could he be a billionaire with a bad hairdo and lots of redneck followers? Maybe.

I’m just joking about the anti-christ. That describes all politicians, in my opinion. For now, I want to address the widespread feeling that the AOA is going to be one big hippie party and we’re all going to experience this bliss with flowers in our hair and joy in our hearts. I think most people look at the AOA singly without considering for a moment who the Lord of Aquarius really is and how he might rule this age of his.

The Lord of Aquarius is Saturn, or Shani, or Chronos, or Father Time. The fabled father who devours his children. Saturn is the great rectifier, the judge, the ultimate deliverer of results of our karma. Saturn takes away. He restricts. He demands, by his fearsome and unbending coldness, conformity with his rules. He refuses and punishes any rebellion to his throne. Key words associated with Saturn are cold, dark, restriction, discipline, denial, responsibility, seriousness, old age, contraction, status quo, work, negativity, cynicism, rules and control. Saturn is represented by the metal, lead. Have you ever heard of a lead balloon? As in ‘that went over like a lead balloon’. Meaning, that idea went nowhere. It didn’t float. It fell to earth. I don’t think the AOA is going to be a party for anyone, frankly. I think the ages are arranged in such a way that we learn what we need to learn and holy shit, this world actually needs Saturn to shake some sense into us.

There is an entire lifetime’s worth of videos on YouTube dedicated to the idea that the elite of the world…the leaders, the corporate magnates, etc., belong to a kind of cult of Saturn and worship him as god. Who knows? Maybe they do. But since I don’t spend my precious time giving a shit about what other people do, and rather focus on what I am doing, I couldn’t care less about cults. Regardless of the rumors and innuendo about what nefarious things go on in the upper echelons of society, Saturn does have a nasty reputation and for good reason. He brings your ‘produce’ home to you. He forces you to experience the consequences of your own actions…or inaction. Whether we like it or not, consequences are literally the only language that human beings understand when it comes to moderating our thoughtless behaviors. Without this harsh influence in our lives, this, sometimes painful, thump on the skull that Shanidev or Saturn brings us, this world would have ceased to exist long ago.

Saturn always comes into our lives when the time for self-reflection and self-transformation is long since past. Just like our Saturn Return when he is focuses on us as individuals, the ringed one comes in at a time when everything is careening wildly in the wrong direction and we’ve clearly lost control of the situation. Here is where we need to honor and respect the part this ancient Lord plays in the workings of life on earth.

When I experienced my first Saturn Return between May 1994 and February 1995, my entire world was dismantled. And it had to be that way. During this Saturn Return, I went through a horrific divorce after 12 years of marriage, my mother died and I essentially found myself and my children homeless and having to move in with my deeply grieving father for a time. This is only a part of the terrible things that fell apart during that time and I felt as though I was in a nightmare and couldn’t wake up. But everything that happened had to happen or I wouldn’t be where I am today. Stable and on the right track. The marriage was hellish. My mother had been living in the hell of profound Schizophrenia, and by default so were my dad and I, since I was about 6-7 years old. I was living in the horrible little ‘deep south’ town that I had lived in since the age of 5 with no hopes of getting out.

After I recovered from my life being essentially turned upside down and all the contents poured out, I found myself to be making better decisions, being a little more thoughtful and considering my own actions rather than focusing so intently on the actions of others. Because of my first Saturn Return, I don’t dread my 2nd which will arrive in March of 2024. I’ve made huge strides in my own development and I clearly see what else needs to be done. Even the first Saturn Return doesn’t have to be as horrific as mine was. Many young people are blessed with the insight to make major changes in their thought processes and behaviors well before the Lord of the Cube moves into their lives. This is the significance of the cube in relation to Shani. He comes in to square things up, to make things stable and solid. The same approach he takes with us as individuals, he takes with humanity and the earth as a whole, I believe.

AOA won’t be easy because we are so obviously on the wrong path collectively. But the stories about Saturn and his duties also ascribe to him the punishment of the ‘gods’ which I feel relates directly to world leadership. Most of the troubles on earth today are directly related to politicians and corporate entities. Saturn won’t spare these people. It’s likely that during the AOA, many of the modern ‘conveniences’ that we have today, many of which are directly related to the lack of moral integrity and spiritual foundation and which have produced trillions upon trillions of dollars for corporate entities, will simply cease to exist. Or if not cease, they will be dramatically altered. Since an age has a time span of about 2150 years, this could be a very slow and plodding process that we probably won’t experience much of in this lifetime.

Bottom line is that Shani/Saturn is not an evil entity. He has a duty to perform for our long term benefit. Yes, he performs that duty ruthlessly. But human beings need this kind of discipline for our continued development. I honor this planet, this celestial entity, for his devotion to his job. I feel strongly that he forces the best in us to fruition.

Everyone vs Scorpio

We’ve all read those posts or watched those YouTube videos that crunch on Scorpio. People love us or they hate us. And there are definite reasons for both views. But I just read a few comments on a post on Exemplore yesterday that really made me think. I’m including this comment by someone who calls themselves ‘sweetsoul77’.

I can attest to this about the Scorpio on both men and women and their behaviours. They are very sick and demented people and I have know these three people apart from another for several years. They are so insecure, they back stab, they lie, they destroy people’s property, they are envious, they cause dissension they use people to hurt other people. The hate for the power of hating others and they cannot be trusted with anything. The reason that they are so private is because they are so busy back biting people and they categorise people for their own uses. They can become evil in one shot and you do not have to do anything wrong to them. They imagine these “wrongs” in their mins and there is something to these people being born in this group because they invariably act the same. Nothing makes them happy and they think that you want them so badly. There is really something wrong with these people. I wish that something above them would bind their asses up and throw them into a dumpster because they cause so much unhappiness wherever they go. They live in denial and they are always spying always pretending to be the misunderstood one. At least I am being honest about how I feel about them and I am not just saying this to say it, but look at the comments on this board, it is as if they are talking about any one given person because this is the way that they act/ They get their power by creating fictitious drama, they need attention and they are very selfish and cheap people. There is nothing refreshing about this sign if people. I don’t believe in horoscopes but the psychological profiles of these people often fits their nature. They are toxic people and they are no good. They are narcissists and they are crafty and many of them should be counted as guilty because I have had too much experience with them and they live off of misery as if it were fuel for their entire personality. DiCaprio, I can see that he is like that. He IS a miserable little creep who pretends to stand for something. His performances are okay, but I have seen better and he uses women and is very shallow, he only dates model and they come away from him looking extreme emotionally beaten. Some woman knocked him upside the head with a bottle at a party and they searched high and low for this woman until she turned herself in, but I can understand why she did this because of his nature and they share this where ever they go and don’t let them be a momma’s boy or the favourite of the family because they will destroy any happiness in the lives of others no matter what they have. They are the degenerates of the entire wheel.

Whoa! As a person with Moon, Mercury and Ketu in the 8th house of Scorpio, even I’m impressed with ‘sweetsoul’ and her ability to see the fault in Scorpio and yet not see a similar sort of venom in herself.

You see, we all have faults, every sign. That’s why we’re here, that’s why we’re born under the configuration of ‘stars’ that we have. We’re all here to be presented with challenges that are specific to the signs we’re born under. So, I left a comment which I am including below in which I try to lighten the depressing mood created by sweetsoul but also illustrate how every sign in the zodiac has issues that don’t just drive Scorpio crazy…there are a bajillion kinds of incompatibilities in the zodiac and if there’s a sign that you despise, chances are they’re not fond of you, either.

Scorpio Moon female here. I’ve been with my soulmate and the love of my life, a Scorpio sun with Cancer moon, for 17 years. I have to laugh at some of these comments. I would like to think that the couple of people who describe ALL Scorpios as Satan incarnate are really young and just haven’t taken the time to reflect on their own faults or the faults of all signs. We all have them.

Have you ever been with an Aries who slept with your best friend and tried to joke with you about it? And then tried to talk you into a 3some with them?

Or a Taurus who cleaned out your personal bank account before he just disappeared into thin air? Along with your car and your Amazon password?

Or a Gemini who told you they’re your soul mate and then the next day texts you a picture of the girl they’re on a date with…in Switzerland?

Or the Cancer who shrieks at you non-stop for 48 hours because you smiled at the cashier in the grocery store and you feel it’s time for their 37 year old son to leave home and stop wearing diapers?

Or the Leo who does impromptu stripteases in public every time Pony comes on in a club? Or the church parking lot?

Or the Virgo who starts a ‘anonymous’ blog that contains your full birth name and address so he/she can tell the world about your tiny penis/gigantic vagina and also that you have dirty fingernails?

Or the Libra who has exactly 3 interests…cleaning house, dressing well and hating your stupid guts to everyone in the known world behind your back while kissing your ass to the highest heaven to your face.

Or the Sagittarius who heard that the earth is flat and burns your house to the ground because you’re so stupid & disagree…then they show up the next day all smiles, as you’re sweeping up the ashes, and inform you that they’ve changed their mind…it’s round?

Or the Capricorn who makes $750,000 a year and lives in a tent to save the electricity bill…and by the way writes up a ‘standards’ chart for you to help you clean and organize the tent ‘properly’?

Or the Aquarius. Where do we start? They grew up being brutally sexually abused by their parents and they’re JUST FINE so they spend the rest of their lives campaigning, protesting, lobbying for the rights of adults to have sex with ‘consenting’ kids?

Then, lastly there’s Pisces. They’ve been around the zodiac block and they are just ready to cool. They want love, they want laughter, they want no issues whatsoever…but if any, ANY issues arise, the dealer is on speed dial and the Illustrated Encyclopedia of Unicorns is on the coffee table. As well as the photo album that contains nothing other than 83 pictures of their wedding ring and 341 selfies of them and their spouse kissing.

Yes, Scorpios can have issues just like you other guys. We ALL need to work on these and improve ourselves, become better people. I just want to remind everyone that hates Scorpio people that we feel deeply and get hurt deeply. Because of our chart’s alignment, we don’t feel safe to reveal that hurt. We love people who are genuinely kind, very truthful, authentically themselves, non-gossipers, straight-shooters. I wouldn’t trade my Scorpio for all the tea in China. He is kind, dependable, hilarious, intelligent, giving, truthful, loyal and MY BEST FRIEND.

We’re all in this together, my friends. We’re all attempting to complete earth school and we’re all in different grades. To understand one another, we have to try to suspend our ego for awhile, and this includes Scorpio too, to view the entire person and why they might be presenting us with the challenges they bring. Every interaction with another human being, good or terrible, is an opportunity for us to grow in understanding, both of that person that drives us nuts, and of ourselves.

It’s very difficult for Scorpio to turn their attention inward. But when we do, we fulfill the promise of Scorpio that involves SEX (merging spiritually with another human being) DEATH (of the ego) and TRANSFORMATION (from an emotion-driven creature to a love-driven soul).

Have a wonderful Friday, weirdos.

Hello…Is Anybody Out There? And Do You Have Donuts?

There is this weird thing that’s been happening to me sporadically for the last several years. Right before I go to sleep, as I’m just about to go under, I hear someone speaking. It’s not just a single ‘person’ but has been several different voices over the years.

The first time this happened, as I lay there all comfortable and warm, ready to drift off, I suddenly felt as though I’d accidentally broken through on a strange conversation between two females. I was suddenly wide awake and hearing one of the most bizarre vocal exchanges I’d ever experienced. It was certainly not me doing this talking in my head. I was actively thinking about their goofy topic while I was listening to their banter. I can’t remember today what their discussion was about but I’ll never forget that first experience.

Lately, it’s been a guy and he’s a loud mouth. He likes to yell. He’s not yelling in anger but rather it seems that he’s shouting to be heard across some distance. I even had a mental image of this guy. He has short hair and seems to wearing an athletic jersey, baby blue with white letters. The last time I experienced this, about a week ago, he was shouting something about donuts.

If this had happened many years ago, I’d have thought the mental illness that has plagued my family had finally caught up with me. But at the ripe old age of 52, there’s been no sign of that yet. And since I’m a very stable and reasonable person, I’ve come to the conclusion that I may be somewhat clairaudient. In other words, I’m pretty sure I’m hearing disembodied people. Spirits, if you feel inclined to call them that.

About seven years ago, I’d have simply written these experiences off as a dream, even though that estimation would have clearly gone against what I am actually experiencing. It would’ve been quickly marginalized and forgotten and this dismissive behavior would have become a conditioned response, being strengthened every time an experience broke the rules until these types of events were simply not noticed at all. They’d have been reduced to background non-events.

This is how uninformed skepticism, and skepticism as a belief system operates.

I should know. I, and my husband, have been die-hard skeptics all our lives.


A certain amount of skepticism is healthy. In fact, I actually dislike the word ‘skepticism’ and prefer ‘non-belief’ or ‘neutrality’ and I’ll be using those terms in this post. I dislike the word skepticism because, frankly, it has become its very own belief system. Just as I do not identify as religious because of what religion has proven itself to be and what it has become in modern times, I don’t identify with skeptics because that thought process has become its own little quasi-religion. Speaking in general terms here, religion requires you to believe certain things that most people have zero experience with or knowledge of. They expect you to take someone else’s word for it. I’m not very good at doing this. This has very much to do with all this Scorpionic energy of mine that absolutely requires me to seek my own answers. But it also has to do with my own experience.

Neutrality on all issues that we have no experience with or direct knowledge of is absolutely essential in this journey we’re all a part of here in this place, this world, this life. This extends to literally everything, weirdos. Including your religion. Including the belief in a Creator. However, if you’ve personally experienced something that is clearly outside the realm of material possibility, then that, my friends, is evidence. If you’ve experienced a lot of these types of phenomena, then you’re probably, like me, convinced that there is more going on here than what we’re being led to believe. But when you go beyond using your own experience to personally evolve and grow, and attempt to convince the rest of the world that your experience is truth, well…that’s called indoctrination. And it’s bad.

‘teach (a person or group) to accept a set of beliefs uncritically.

“broadcasting was a vehicle for indoctrinating the masses”


brainwash, propagandize, proselytize, reeducate, persuade, convince, condition, program, mold, discipline; More

instruct, teach, train, school, drill;

instill, inculcate

“armed with an evil political agenda, they set out to indoctrinate the nation’s idealistic youth”‘

Modern science and its congregation are not only indoctrinistic but also atheistic in their general character. This is its own form of belief without basis or evidence. This is where science has taken us…into a belief system that everything that involves something non-physical, something they can’t explain or see with their eyes, is just bullshit. But the fact is there is no way they can know that these things don’t exist. Not only can they not know it…they can’t prove these things don’t exist or happen and this attitude, just like religion, directly opposes the evidence-based values that the scientific community claims to uphold. Religions claim to be leading us to an all-loving creator with whom we’ll live in an endlessly joyous heaven while actually supporting political movements to keep people in need out of their country, invading the countries of peoples not like them, murdering people as some kind of divine justice for crimes committed, etc. Believing uncritically in any concept just because some other basic human, or collection of basic humans, tells us to, that’s the absolute apex of peer pressure and intellectual and spiritual laziness….and frankly, I have zero respect for that approach.

If we can each find a stable point of neutrality from which to experience this world, in other words not believing nor disbelieving what our peers or the world at large tells us reality is, we are free. We are open and receptive to whatever this existence wants to reveal to us. Our minds become sharpened and available to witness and discern our own, personal TRUTH. This is huge. This is important. This is the kind of thinking and behavior that carries the potential for changing this world for the better.

Do I think it will happen?

Nah. I don’t. Because I don’t believe that’s what we’re here for. Consider this quote by Buddhist monk, Cheri Huber.

It is not my experience that we are here to change the world, that we are here to change anything at all. I think we’re here so the world can change US.’

My unusual experiences, and there have been many in the last few years, have certainly changed me and my entire outlook on existence. I know from my own experience that magical things do exist, there are unseen worlds and people, and that there are even more astounding things happening around us and behind the scenes at every moment. I know that nothing is what we’ve been told up to this point because the people doing the telling don’t actually have a clue what’s going on here.

And that’s wonderful, isn’t it?

Fairies, Shoes and a Dog Bed…in Texas. Oh yeah, and Indiana.

My husband and I recently had a very strange experience and I hope one or a shitload of you might have some insight into this incident.

About a month and a half ago, we took a weekend drive down to the hill country in our home state of Texas. We wound up driving back home in the dark the next evening and it was a very pleasant drive until suddenly, on the side of the dark, country road we were on, I caught sight in the headlights of 2-3 small shapes crouched next to the road. Not just near the road but literally with their knees on the white edge lines on the pavement. I kind of freaked out a little because my first impression was of small children crouched down like runners waiting for the bang of the starting gun. I yelled out loud because I was sure we were going to hit these kids!

I was also a little (a lot) panicked because it brought back memories of an incident many years ago when we rented a motor home for a trip to Florida. We were driving at night to avoid traffic and were just on the outskirts of Alma, Georgia. Out of nowhere and with no warning, a group of young people, probably early teens, jumped out of some bushy growth by the side of the road and they ALL hurled big rocks directly at our windshield. The motor home sustained significant damage but luckily we were unharmed and we didn’t wreck.

So, that was the first thought I had when I saw these small figures at the edge of the roadway. We made it past them but I was freaking stunned that we hadn’t hit them. It was so shocking, not only because of the suddenness of seeing them in the dark that way, or almost hitting them…but what the hell were they doing out there? We were in the middle of absolute nowhere. No houses, no street lights, nothing. And these ‘children’ at first glance appeared to very small indeed…as in the 3-4 year old range. I couldn’t see their faces at all but the shapes of their bodies were very apparent.

Well, we were obviously shaken by this but as with all strange encounters, as the days wore on, we kind of forgot about it.

Flash forward to two weeks ago. We took a road trip to Indiana where my husband was born and raised and where his family still lives. One night a lot of his family came over and we were all sitting around talking when a nephew and his wife arrived. After a minute or two of chit chat, the wife said ‘Something really bizarre happened to us last night’. She said they’d been driving home and passed a group of ‘little people’ crouched down on the very edge of the road. They swerved to miss them. She said it was the weirdest thing she’d ever seen. By ‘little people’ she was actually referring to small people or what some people would impolitely call midgets nowadays. When she said this, the hair on my arms literally stood up and my whole body got cold. I’m telling you, I was totally flipping and the story had just begun. I was all ears.

She said she had told one of her neighbors about it the next morning, the same day she was relating this to us, and the neighbor had already heard from someone else about them. This other person had actually turned around and gone back and asked them what they were doing. One of them replied that they were on their way to California to find Jesus.


To illustrate how freaky this response was, you have to understand where my in-laws actually live. They are surrounded by corn and soy bean fields in every direction. Thousands upon thousands of acres of Indiana farmland and oil fields for miles any way you go. They can’t even get internet service where they are. The nearest highway, much less a west bound interstate is at least 50 miles away. If they were on their way to Cali, they were taking the worst possible route that could ever be imagined.

Well, the morning of this day when she related this story to us, my husband had seen a rather large dog bed on the side of the very rural road in question. A little farther down, there was a pair of shoes just sitting there neatly placed by the edge of the road. The wife of my husband’s nephew said these shoes, which she also saw that following morning, were left in the exact location where they saw the little people. The next day after she related the story to us, that dog bed had been moved to a clearly visible location in the weeds just 50 feet or so from my mother-in-law’s driveway. I saw the dog bed at it’s new location and also noticed there was some kind of a handwritten note laying inside. Now we both think it’s really strange that we were not compelled to go and see what that note said but it’s like we instinctually avoided it.

I guess my question is this…are there any legends or bits of folklore about fairies or brownies, etc., showing up in extremely rural locations like this on the very edge of roads at night? Or leaving shoes or other strange items like this?

These two incidents, so specific and so very odd and happening on 2 weeks or so apart…can this be coincidence? I am very open to folklore and the fairy faith however I am also open to other explanations. What in the HELLO MOTHER MARY do you guys think this was??

I seriously can’t stop thinking about this and I’m pretty sure my hubs is weirded out and ready to not hear about this anymore.

I’d love to hear from you guys if you have some super strange experiences to share.

Toodles, weirdos.

Scorpio the Occult Master…or not?


I said I was going to suck at this blogging thing and, of course, I do. I think of 1000 topics a day that I could actually write about but, being the solitary, self-sufficient Scorpio Moon person that I am, I find myself wanting to think about these topics and work them through in my mind rather than writing about them.

But I’ve been literally bombarded lately with these mainstream Scorpio theories and I feel like sharing my opinion about one of these theories in particular…the insistence that all Scorpio Sun people are fascinated with the occult or spiritual things.

See, you get these people who may have literally never known a Scorpio in their lives. Or if they have, it’s only been a passing acquaintance. And due to Scorpio’s nature and tendency to not share aspects of themselves easily, having a simple passing acquaintance means you don’t know them AT ALL. There are so many armchair astrologers. I’m one, in fact, but one thing I refuse to do is parrot a bunch of shit out of some book I read or plagiarize a YouTube video I watched. If I tell you my opinion about this topic it’s based solely on my own experience and resulting conclusions. And since I’m surrounded by Scorpios, I’ve had a lot of experience.

Let me just go through the most important Scorpios Suns in my life. This is not an exhaustive list, by far. These are the people with whom I’ve had relationships for many years. My husband, my stepmother, a granddaughter, my father-in-law, my brother-in-law, my sister-in-law, a paternal Aunt, my maternal grandmother, my next door neighbor, my great nephew by marriage, a paternal uncle, a first cousin with whom I grew up, another first cousin and her husband, and a male work associate for many years with whom I was best friends.

Not one of these people whom I’ve mentioned above has any interest in matters of the occult, astrology, spiritual topics, or any subjects whatsoever that might be categorized BY THEM as woo woo. The Scorpios that I know and love are, without exception, very here-and-now people. This is not to say that they don’t think about these types of things. But, out of all these varied people I’ve listed above, none of them EVER wants to have a speculative conversation about ghosts, life after death, telepathy, ufos, Bigfoot, black magic, the illuminati, fairies, astrology, the holographic universe, mediumship, etc. Neither do they read about these topics or research them or watch any of the plethora of documentaries about these subjects. In fact, every single one of these people will do everything possible to avoid these topics…out of sheer boredom.

I know this because I’ve tried. I’m a Scorpio Moon and WE most definitely do care about those kinds of topics.

Scorpio is nothing if not a logician. Everything they rely on or have an interest in is based in logic, evidentiary data and their own, personal experience. Anything outside these parameters is simply speculation and therefore, to the Scorpio mind, non-existent. As an example of this, my stepmother just happens to have seen two ‘spirits’ in her life. She is a very quiet, demure woman. She hardly talks at all and over these almost 30 years that I’ve known her, I’ve never once heard her speak of anything outside the mundane, material world other than these two experiences. She has never lied to me, and with my Scorpio Moon I can see lies before they’re spoken, nor have I ever seen her be less than outright honest with anyone else. This is not to say that she doesn’t ‘filter’ what she says, as any true Scorpio will. But she didn’t reveal these sightings to me until a few years ago when I actually asked her outright if she’d ever experienced anything that she thought was ‘supernatural’. But this, her actual experience, is as far as she goes with her belief or interest in things outside the material. She becomes visibly uncomfortable and changes the subject if ‘weird’ topics come up regarding things that she has no experience with. The same goes for every Scorpio in my life.

I’m not telling you that because none of my close family and friends who are Scorpios don’t have an interest in these types of topics that none do. It depends on the individual. Although Scorpio is the most dramatically (in my opinion) obvious and trait-stable sign in the zodiac, they are also all very much individuals in their tastes, outward demeanor, outward appearance and interests. It seems obvious to me that if a Scorpio is born into and raised within a family with spiritualist or occult interests, they will probably develop that interest as well. And if something becomes an interest for a Scorpio, it’s safe to say that it actually becomes somewhat of an obsession. This is why they are so freaking good at what they do, whatever that is.

What I’m telling you is not to believe these bullshit, hand-me-down statements about ANY zodiac sun sign. Study the people you meet. Do as I do and ask every person you encounter what their sign is, or…if you’re uncomfortable bringing up astrology with certain people as I am, just ask what their birthday is. Most people will tell you and then you can internally study them.  (However, I once casually met a Scorpio female who, when I asked her birthday, became visibly uncomfortable and asked why I would want that information).

This is one of my obsessions. I feel like I’ve been collecting data on personalities for most of my life. Only now, in my 50’s, do I feel comfortable making a few fundamental statements about the varied sun signs.

Next time, I’d like to do a discussion of something that truly fascinates me. The physical characteristics of the signs.


Scorpio AF #1

Sex and death. Death and mystery. And sex. And secrets. And sex.


I am constantly annoyed by every article or video regarding Scorpio because they seem to all be generated from a single, common, very generalized, source. And you cannot generalize with Scorpio. It seems to me that these people who write those articles and produce those videos have actually never known a Scorpio or perhaps, only one, during their entire lives. They just read some bullshit astrology book and parrot that crap like it’s gospel.

Let me state that I am not an astrologer. I am, even now, studying and trying to get a grip on this extremely complicated and very deep subject. But if I know anything, I know Scorpios. I’m surrounded by them.

Scary prospect, right?

But not really. My own Moon is in Scorpio, which actually can be quite scary to many people. I admit to being a very intimidating person when I was young. And I can still be if that is called for. But the Moon has some profound lessons in its plan for people with a Scorpio moon placement. This intimidation factor very quickly begins to evolve into an understanding that one is actually not the epitome of perfection dealing with the ignorance of the rest of the entire human race, but rather a stellar example of a major asshole with a power complex and very little self-awareness. This understanding usually begins to rear its horrible head during our Saturn Return and it can be crippling for a time.

As I’ve stated before, my long-time soulmate is a Scorpio sun/Cancer moon/Scorpio Mercury. My son has his Venus in Scorpio. His life partner has Scorpio rising. My husband’s brother is a Scorpio sun as well as his wife. My father-in-law was a Scorpio sun. My maternal grandmother was a Scorpio sun. My stepmother is a Scorpio sun. And my next door neighbor and good friend is a Scorpio sun as well. One of my best friends in the world that I worked with for years was a Scorpio sun.

And every one of them is essentially unlike the rest.

My hubs fascinates me, though. Even after all this time, and now that we’re getting older and wrinklier, he’s just as sexy and appealing to me today as he was almost 17 years ago. I’d never met anyone like him and I can clearly remember the first time I laid eyes on him. I’ve never been very forthcoming in letting anyone know right up front that I’m attracted to them. I want to know what I’m getting into. And when I met my husband, I didn’t want to get into anything. I’d had too many absolutely disastrous relationships to want more. I had made up my mind that I could, and would spend the rest of my life single. The universe operates in astonishing and unexpected ways. It’s almost as if as soon as I clearly resolved in my mind that I COULD be alone and realized that I was actually enjoying living on my own terms in my own, possibly dysfunctional, but authentic way…this gorgeous man walked by. And little did I know that my life would never be the same.

He was very tall, dark and handsome. He had earrings. He had shoulder-length, curly hair. He had a goatee. He had tattoos. He rode a Harley. He was quiet pushing silent. And there was that Mona Lisa smile like something nice and interesting was going on in that mind of his.

I was a flirt then and, I realize now, I flirted in a very Scorpionic way. I asked lots of provocative questions and diverted or evaded questions about me. I did then, and still do, dislike anyone openly flirting with me or asking me lots of questions. It’s an instant turn-off. Partly because it’s telling. If they’re flirting with me, they’re flirting with everyone. Yes, double-standard. But Scorpionic people live by double standards to a certain degree. Also, it’s expected. Everyone flirts so when someone comes along who doesn’t, it was extremely interesting and attractive to me.

Hubs didn’t flirt. In fact, he hardly spoke to me. I could read everyone but here was a man that gave off no signals, had a perfect poker face…and I could not get a bead on him. This really peaked my interest because this was something new. I have to admit that at first, this was simply a little diversion. I had had my fill of men, dating and that whole game. Every relationship was doomed, in my opinion then, based on my past experience. Either it ended disastrously or people lived their lives with someone they couldn’t stand, much less love. I wasn’t going down that road again.

Enter Scorpio. Stage left, of course. 🙄

We met at work and one day he actually spoke to me. After all my lurid flirtations and innuendo, to which he’d only respond with that half smile and those sleepy, black eyes, he asked me if I’d give him a ride home. His ride was in the shop.

Scorpios are honest. They may evade telling the truth, or skew it in such a manner as to mitigate consequences…but their nature is honesty. When I let him off in his driveway and I sat in my car making small talk with him, he suddenly said ‘I really want to kiss you right now’. I was caught off guard. Nothing in his demeanor so far had given me any indication that he was interested. NOTHING. And although I was intrigued, I didn’t know this man and a kiss seemed entirely inappropriate at that moment and I told him so…gently.

The next week, he rode his big Harley to work and when we got off work, he asked me if I’d like to go for a ride. It was early April and at night it was still pretty chilly and I only had a small, thin jacket. We started out and, not knowing that this big bike was unlike the dirt bikes I’d ridden as a kid where falling off the back was a distinct possibility, I put my arms around his waist. Just a couple of miles down the road, he did something that will be forever burned into my psyche as one of the most important and singular events in my entire life. He cupped his free hand over mine, only barely touching me so as not to imply anything romantic such as hand holding. He cupped his hand so gently over mine…simply to keep my hands warm.

Sounds silly, right? No one…and I do mean NO ONE…had ever done anything so kind, so thoughtful, so quietly compassionate for me in my entire life. That simple gesture moved me in ways that I was completely unfamiliar with.

It was to be about three weeks later when we finally had a truly romantic encounter. Yes, I was quickly becoming fascinated. But I was not sold. He grabbed on to me with everything he had but the defenses of a Scorpio Moon person are nearly limitless, especially after they’ve been hurt to the core…repeatedly. Talk about getting stung by Scorpio….dealing with a moon in Scorpio can be like getting strapped into an electric chair and I’m not joking. I ignored quite a few of his calls simply because I didn’t want him to think he ‘had’ me.

He knew what was going on. But he also knew what he wanted and I’ll never forget the day when he laid out his selling points like he was a damned good Buick, more than worthy of a test drive. It was a rather lengthy conversation but the statement I remember the clearest was that ‘I know how to love a woman and take care of her the right way’. He made it clear that he wasn’t bragging…it was just a fact. Wow.

I had to smile when he said that. Something about him was so damned sweet, so confident, so sure of himself. He said so little that these statements carried huge weight with me. But I was not looking to be ‘taken care of’. Allowing someone that kind of control and power over me was not appealing and about a week later, I tried to let him down easy. I truly liked this man…a lot. But my opinion of myself was that he was just too good for me. I would utterly destroy this man and his well laid out life. Everywhere I went, I left that trail of destruction in my wake. I had reached that point in life where I was actually considering someone else’s feelings and I was beginning to understand the part that I had played in the failures of my past. I didn’t think that I could give this man the love that he so obviously deserved and needed. And I laid all these things out for him as clearly as I could. At this point, I did care for him. But I wanted to save him from myself and his ultimate destruction.

Well, that was a big, freaking mistake. I wrote this all to him in an email. I got a reply almost instantly and it was withering. He told me, in a way that left no room for misunderstanding, that he was a grown ass man who could decide for himself what he could handle and what he couldn’t. He didn’t need me to ‘save him’ and he certainly didn’t appreciate my taking what was CLEARLY his choice out of his hands. He would appreciate my allowing him to make his own decisions about his own life, thank you very much. If I didn’t want to see him anymore, fine. Say that. Don’t make out like I was doing him a solid because he was too stupid to know what he was getting into.

I think that maaaaaay have been the moment that I fell for this man. He was not a pushover. He respected himself and he made intelligent, coherent decisions and statements that actually made damned good sense. He was boss and I really liked that. Because I was boss, too. Every man I’d been involved with to that date had been soft and insecure and completely unable to defend themselves against me. In romantic relationships, as in all relationships, if I didn’t feel a clear source of worthy and respectable power and direction, I’d step in and take the helm. I’m not going to be led around by the nose. I have always trusted myself more than anyone else…except my Scorpio. I’d trust this man with my life, the lives of my children, and everything I have because I know he’ll care for it all as much as I do. And he’s the only person I trust to do it better than I could.

Lions & Tigers & Scorpio Moons. Oh my.

I see you.  I know you.

People born with the moon in Scorpio have super powers.  This isn’t bragging.  It’s just the truth.  The most powerful one, for me at least, is being able to see the general character and psychological makeup of everyone I meet.  If I meet you, and get to spend more than 10 minutes with you, I will know you.  Chances are I’ll know your secret pain, what its source is.  I’ll know if you’re benevolent or vengeful even if you’ve learned to hide it well.  I’ll know if you’re real or shallow and empty.  I’ll know if you’re experienced and wise or blissfully immature.  Particularly bothersome to my own psyche, I can ‘feel’ those very negative, malevolent energies that Christians might call ‘demons’ and psychologists might refer to as personality disorders or more serious mental illnesses such as psychopathy.  I feel these heavy, distressing energies even if the person doesn’t speak at all.  I can also feel a calm, an inner warmth, when I’m with someone whose psyche and temperament is in sync with my own and these are the people with whom I feel most at peace.  Virtually without exception, these people are Scorpio, Capricorn, Cancer, Gemini and Leo suns, depending on the layout of the other planets in their chart.

Most importantly, I’ll know if you’re lying.  About anything.  I may not know exactly what your truth is to the letter (however many times I do) but I’ll know that what you’re saying isn’t it.

From the sound of this, one might think these are pretty sweet abilities to possess.  You’d be wrong.  I think most, if not all, Scorpio Moon people are actually empaths and from my own perspective, this is not an enviable state of being.  Try being a sponge for a day or two.  You’re nice and clean and feeling fine until you find yourself lying on a counter covered with spilled ketchup, food particles, coffee drips, caustic chemicals.  There’s nothing you can do to preserve your own pristine cleanliness because you were created to absorb.  You’d absorb everything that you came into contact with and alien things would cling to you whether you wanted it or not.  It literally takes a lifetime to first learn that this is what’s happening to you and then to learn how to mitigate its impact on you.  I believe Scorpio moons have the reputation of being emotional nutcases because many times, they’re dealing with the woes of the outside world in addition to their own on a very physical and emotional level.

I’m going to talk about the Scorpio Moon from my own personal perspective because it’s just bullshit trying to weed through the commentary about this placement from other, usually completely incompatible, signs who read a chart and surmise what our traits should be.  I sort of like hearing what other signs have to say about their own compatibilities or inharmonious dealings with Scorpio Moon.  But I cannot tolerate having anyone tell me who I am.

And that’s trait #1

There is so much that’s hidden within me, I’m not sure there’s a person on earth, other than my Scorpio Sun/Cancer Moon husband, that truly knows me.  Unlike some descriptions of SM, I don’t hide things because I’m being disingenuous or trying to deceive anyone.  There simply are not words that exist to describe most of the thoughts, emotions and feelings that go on in my mind and heart.  I tried many times when I was younger and what comes out sounds pale and shallow and not good enough and, at worst, it comes out sounding glib and cheesy.  To my own ears, anyway.  When I speak about certain things that I feel or think that I’m very passionate about, deep-seated issues, they sound somehow disrespected and minimalized.  To me, some things are inviolably sacred.  To a mature SM, the ‘secrets’ that some say we love to keep are simply sacred things whose value to us should not be diminished, like the name of god, by speaking it.

On the other hand, yes, there are times we may keep secrets from people we do not want to hurt or to keep the peace within a potentially volatile situation.  But we are straight-forward and truthful people and have no problem speaking our mind if we feel you can handle it…or if it will help in some way.  But this is also one of the debilitating features of this moon placement.  Most people can’t handle what SM has to say nor what they feel.  So precious few people are allowed to get close enough to glimpse the full character of a Scorpio Moon.  Their tragic experiences in life begin early and inform their emotions until the day they die.  Everything matters, all is important and colder, airier, superficial signs find it frightening and ‘too much’ for them to handle.  The simple fact is, these types of signs have usually not dealt with a fraction of the catastrophic life events that Scorpio Moons endure.  One of these much-less-than-ideal scenarios will probably begin at birth.

The mother factor.

And that’s trait #2

Yes, we frequently drive people away with the sheer intensity of our thoughts, emotions, opinions, likes and dislikes.  Especially when SM is young, life can be pure chaos.  The debilitated mother situation is mentioned frequently with regard to SM and was certainly the case with me.  My Leo mother’s schizophrenia began to manifest when I was 6 or 7 years old and possibly even earlier.  I see no point in describing the terrifying aspects of this illness but Schizophrenia combined with a strong Leo sun meant that as a child, I had no self other than in relation to my mother.  She was aggressively, angrily controlling and critical when I was young but this transformed into clinging fear and childlike behavior as her sense of reality eroded and suicidal actions increased over the years.  I felt like her mother.  And probably not a very good one because I was absolutely filled with resentment at her illness, that I had no mother, that I spent large amounts of time being shuffled between aunts and uncles while she was in a mental institution.  I was angry for her that her life was ruined.  I was angry at god for doing this to us.  And then she died very suddenly at the age of only 51.

Yes, there were mother issues.

Ok, these kinds of revelations are draining and I intended to cover at least 5 traits but I’m going to have to take a break.  Plus, honestly, I feel I’ve said too much and I’m repelled by the idea that some of you might feel sorry for me.  One thing that I want to make clear to everyone about the moon sign of Scorpio…those of us who were born under this sign are absolutely, without exception, able to handle it.  In some ways, we handle the chaos and heartbreak and personal tragedies that we are dealt in this life better than a Scorpio sun would do.  Scorpio is fixed and in many ways, unbendable, but SMs have no choice but to flex and sway with the gales and strive on.

More to come….