Everyone vs Scorpio

We’ve all read those posts or watched those YouTube videos that crunch on Scorpio. People love us or they hate us. And there are definite reasons for both views. But I just read a few comments on a post on Exemplore yesterday that really made me think. I’m including this comment by someone who calls themselves ‘sweetsoul77’.

I can attest to this about the Scorpio on both men and women and their behaviours. They are very sick and demented people and I have know these three people apart from another for several years. They are so insecure, they back stab, they lie, they destroy people’s property, they are envious, they cause dissension they use people to hurt other people. The hate for the power of hating others and they cannot be trusted with anything. The reason that they are so private is because they are so busy back biting people and they categorise people for their own uses. They can become evil in one shot and you do not have to do anything wrong to them. They imagine these “wrongs” in their mins and there is something to these people being born in this group because they invariably act the same. Nothing makes them happy and they think that you want them so badly. There is really something wrong with these people. I wish that something above them would bind their asses up and throw them into a dumpster because they cause so much unhappiness wherever they go. They live in denial and they are always spying always pretending to be the misunderstood one. At least I am being honest about how I feel about them and I am not just saying this to say it, but look at the comments on this board, it is as if they are talking about any one given person because this is the way that they act/ They get their power by creating fictitious drama, they need attention and they are very selfish and cheap people. There is nothing refreshing about this sign if people. I don’t believe in horoscopes but the psychological profiles of these people often fits their nature. They are toxic people and they are no good. They are narcissists and they are crafty and many of them should be counted as guilty because I have had too much experience with them and they live off of misery as if it were fuel for their entire personality. DiCaprio, I can see that he is like that. He IS a miserable little creep who pretends to stand for something. His performances are okay, but I have seen better and he uses women and is very shallow, he only dates model and they come away from him looking extreme emotionally beaten. Some woman knocked him upside the head with a bottle at a party and they searched high and low for this woman until she turned herself in, but I can understand why she did this because of his nature and they share this where ever they go and don’t let them be a momma’s boy or the favourite of the family because they will destroy any happiness in the lives of others no matter what they have. They are the degenerates of the entire wheel.

Whoa! As a person with Moon, Mercury and Ketu in the 8th house of Scorpio, even I’m impressed with ‘sweetsoul’ and her ability to see the fault in Scorpio and yet not see a similar sort of venom in herself.

You see, we all have faults, every sign. That’s why we’re here, that’s why we’re born under the configuration of ‘stars’ that we have. We’re all here to be presented with challenges that are specific to the signs we’re born under. So, I left a comment which I am including below in which I try to lighten the depressing mood created by sweetsoul but also illustrate how every sign in the zodiac has issues that don’t just drive Scorpio crazy…there are a bajillion kinds of incompatibilities in the zodiac and if there’s a sign that you despise, chances are they’re not fond of you, either.

Scorpio Moon female here. I’ve been with my soulmate and the love of my life, a Scorpio sun with Cancer moon, for 17 years. I have to laugh at some of these comments. I would like to think that the couple of people who describe ALL Scorpios as Satan incarnate are really young and just haven’t taken the time to reflect on their own faults or the faults of all signs. We all have them.

Have you ever been with an Aries who slept with your best friend and tried to joke with you about it? And then tried to talk you into a 3some with them?

Or a Taurus who cleaned out your personal bank account before he just disappeared into thin air? Along with your car and your Amazon password?

Or a Gemini who told you they’re your soul mate and then the next day texts you a picture of the girl they’re on a date with…in Switzerland?

Or the Cancer who shrieks at you non-stop for 48 hours because you smiled at the cashier in the grocery store and you feel it’s time for their 37 year old son to leave home and stop wearing diapers?

Or the Leo who does impromptu stripteases in public every time Pony comes on in a club? Or the church parking lot?

Or the Virgo who starts a ‘anonymous’ blog that contains your full birth name and address so he/she can tell the world about your tiny penis/gigantic vagina and also that you have dirty fingernails?

Or the Libra who has exactly 3 interests…cleaning house, dressing well and hating your stupid guts to everyone in the known world behind your back while kissing your ass to the highest heaven to your face.

Or the Sagittarius who heard that the earth is flat and burns your house to the ground because you’re so stupid & disagree…then they show up the next day all smiles, as you’re sweeping up the ashes, and inform you that they’ve changed their mind…it’s round?

Or the Capricorn who makes $750,000 a year and lives in a tent to save the electricity bill…and by the way writes up a ‘standards’ chart for you to help you clean and organize the tent ‘properly’?

Or the Aquarius. Where do we start? They grew up being brutally sexually abused by their parents and they’re JUST FINE so they spend the rest of their lives campaigning, protesting, lobbying for the rights of adults to have sex with ‘consenting’ kids?

Then, lastly there’s Pisces. They’ve been around the zodiac block and they are just ready to cool. They want love, they want laughter, they want no issues whatsoever…but if any, ANY issues arise, the dealer is on speed dial and the Illustrated Encyclopedia of Unicorns is on the coffee table. As well as the photo album that contains nothing other than 83 pictures of their wedding ring and 341 selfies of them and their spouse kissing.

Yes, Scorpios can have issues just like you other guys. We ALL need to work on these and improve ourselves, become better people. I just want to remind everyone that hates Scorpio people that we feel deeply and get hurt deeply. Because of our chart’s alignment, we don’t feel safe to reveal that hurt. We love people who are genuinely kind, very truthful, authentically themselves, non-gossipers, straight-shooters. I wouldn’t trade my Scorpio for all the tea in China. He is kind, dependable, hilarious, intelligent, giving, truthful, loyal and MY BEST FRIEND.

We’re all in this together, my friends. We’re all attempting to complete earth school and we’re all in different grades. To understand one another, we have to try to suspend our ego for awhile, and this includes Scorpio too, to view the entire person and why they might be presenting us with the challenges they bring. Every interaction with another human being, good or terrible, is an opportunity for us to grow in understanding, both of that person that drives us nuts, and of ourselves.

It’s very difficult for Scorpio to turn their attention inward. But when we do, we fulfill the promise of Scorpio that involves SEX (merging spiritually with another human being) DEATH (of the ego) and TRANSFORMATION (from an emotion-driven creature to a love-driven soul).

Have a wonderful Friday, weirdos.

Author: RocketSurgery

Scorpio Moon granny, curious to a fault, straight vegan, lover of family, animals, clouds, rocks, Astrology, ancient history, mystery, and vain pursuer of truth.

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