Hello…Is Anybody Out There? And Do You Have Donuts?

There is this weird thing that’s been happening to me sporadically for the last several years. Right before I go to sleep, as I’m just about to go under, I hear someone speaking. It’s not just a single ‘person’ but has been several different voices over the years.

The first time this happened, as I lay there all comfortable and warm, ready to drift off, I suddenly felt as though I’d accidentally broken through on a strange conversation between two females. I was suddenly wide awake and hearing one of the most bizarre vocal exchanges I’d ever experienced. It was certainly not me doing this talking in my head. I was actively thinking about their goofy topic while I was listening to their banter. I can’t remember today what their discussion was about but I’ll never forget that first experience.

Lately, it’s been a guy and he’s a loud mouth. He likes to yell. He’s not yelling in anger but rather it seems that he’s shouting to be heard across some distance. I even had a mental image of this guy. He has short hair and seems to wearing an athletic jersey, baby blue with white letters. The last time I experienced this, about a week ago, he was shouting something about donuts.

If this had happened many years ago, I’d have thought the mental illness that has plagued my family had finally caught up with me. But at the ripe old age of 52, there’s been no sign of that yet. And since I’m a very stable and reasonable person, I’ve come to the conclusion that I may be somewhat clairaudient. In other words, I’m pretty sure I’m hearing disembodied people. Spirits, if you feel inclined to call them that.

About seven years ago, I’d have simply written these experiences off as a dream, even though that estimation would have clearly gone against what I am actually experiencing. It would’ve been quickly marginalized and forgotten and this dismissive behavior would have become a conditioned response, being strengthened every time an experience broke the rules until these types of events were simply not noticed at all. They’d have been reduced to background non-events.

This is how uninformed skepticism, and skepticism as a belief system operates.

I should know. I, and my husband, have been die-hard skeptics all our lives.


A certain amount of skepticism is healthy. In fact, I actually dislike the word ‘skepticism’ and prefer ‘non-belief’ or ‘neutrality’ and I’ll be using those terms in this post. I dislike the word skepticism because, frankly, it has become its very own belief system. Just as I do not identify as religious because of what religion has proven itself to be and what it has become in modern times, I don’t identify with skeptics because that thought process has become its own little quasi-religion. Speaking in general terms here, religion requires you to believe certain things that most people have zero experience with or knowledge of. They expect you to take someone else’s word for it. I’m not very good at doing this. This has very much to do with all this Scorpionic energy of mine that absolutely requires me to seek my own answers. But it also has to do with my own experience.

Neutrality on all issues that we have no experience with or direct knowledge of is absolutely essential in this journey we’re all a part of here in this place, this world, this life. This extends to literally everything, weirdos. Including your religion. Including the belief in a Creator. However, if you’ve personally experienced something that is clearly outside the realm of material possibility, then that, my friends, is evidence. If you’ve experienced a lot of these types of phenomena, then you’re probably, like me, convinced that there is more going on here than what we’re being led to believe. But when you go beyond using your own experience to personally evolve and grow, and attempt to convince the rest of the world that your experience is truth, well…that’s called indoctrination. And it’s bad.

‘teach (a person or group) to accept a set of beliefs uncritically.

“broadcasting was a vehicle for indoctrinating the masses”


brainwash, propagandize, proselytize, reeducate, persuade, convince, condition, program, mold, discipline; More

instruct, teach, train, school, drill;

instill, inculcate

“armed with an evil political agenda, they set out to indoctrinate the nation’s idealistic youth”‘

Modern science and its congregation are not only indoctrinistic but also atheistic in their general character. This is its own form of belief without basis or evidence. This is where science has taken us…into a belief system that everything that involves something non-physical, something they can’t explain or see with their eyes, is just bullshit. But the fact is there is no way they can know that these things don’t exist. Not only can they not know it…they can’t prove these things don’t exist or happen and this attitude, just like religion, directly opposes the evidence-based values that the scientific community claims to uphold. Religions claim to be leading us to an all-loving creator with whom we’ll live in an endlessly joyous heaven while actually supporting political movements to keep people in need out of their country, invading the countries of peoples not like them, murdering people as some kind of divine justice for crimes committed, etc. Believing uncritically in any concept just because some other basic human, or collection of basic humans, tells us to, that’s the absolute apex of peer pressure and intellectual and spiritual laziness….and frankly, I have zero respect for that approach.

If we can each find a stable point of neutrality from which to experience this world, in other words not believing nor disbelieving what our peers or the world at large tells us reality is, we are free. We are open and receptive to whatever this existence wants to reveal to us. Our minds become sharpened and available to witness and discern our own, personal TRUTH. This is huge. This is important. This is the kind of thinking and behavior that carries the potential for changing this world for the better.

Do I think it will happen?

Nah. I don’t. Because I don’t believe that’s what we’re here for. Consider this quote by Buddhist monk, Cheri Huber.

It is not my experience that we are here to change the world, that we are here to change anything at all. I think we’re here so the world can change US.’

My unusual experiences, and there have been many in the last few years, have certainly changed me and my entire outlook on existence. I know from my own experience that magical things do exist, there are unseen worlds and people, and that there are even more astounding things happening around us and behind the scenes at every moment. I know that nothing is what we’ve been told up to this point because the people doing the telling don’t actually have a clue what’s going on here.

And that’s wonderful, isn’t it?

Author: RocketSurgery

Scorpio Moon granny, curious to a fault, straight vegan, lover of family, animals, clouds, rocks, Astrology, ancient history, mystery, and vain pursuer of truth.

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