Scorpio the Occult Master…or not?


I said I was going to suck at this blogging thing and, of course, I do. I think of 1000 topics a day that I could actually write about but, being the solitary, self-sufficient Scorpio Moon person that I am, I find myself wanting to think about these topics and work them through in my mind rather than writing about them.

But I’ve been literally bombarded lately with these mainstream Scorpio theories and I feel like sharing my opinion about one of these theories in particular…the insistence that all Scorpio Sun people are fascinated with the occult or spiritual things.

See, you get these people who may have literally never known a Scorpio in their lives. Or if they have, it’s only been a passing acquaintance. And due to Scorpio’s nature and tendency to not share aspects of themselves easily, having a simple passing acquaintance means you don’t know them AT ALL. There are so many armchair astrologers. I’m one, in fact, but one thing I refuse to do is parrot a bunch of shit out of some book I read or plagiarize a YouTube video I watched. If I tell you my opinion about this topic it’s based solely on my own experience and resulting conclusions. And since I’m surrounded by Scorpios, I’ve had a lot of experience.

Let me just go through the most important Scorpios Suns in my life. This is not an exhaustive list, by far. These are the people with whom I’ve had relationships for many years. My husband, my stepmother, a granddaughter, my father-in-law, my brother-in-law, my sister-in-law, a paternal Aunt, my maternal grandmother, my next door neighbor, my great nephew by marriage, a paternal uncle, a first cousin with whom I grew up, another first cousin and her husband, and a male work associate for many years with whom I was best friends.

Not one of these people whom I’ve mentioned above has any interest in matters of the occult, astrology, spiritual topics, or any subjects whatsoever that might be categorized BY THEM as woo woo. The Scorpios that I know and love are, without exception, very here-and-now people. This is not to say that they don’t think about these types of things. But, out of all these varied people I’ve listed above, none of them EVER wants to have a speculative conversation about ghosts, life after death, telepathy, ufos, Bigfoot, black magic, the illuminati, fairies, astrology, the holographic universe, mediumship, etc. Neither do they read about these topics or research them or watch any of the plethora of documentaries about these subjects. In fact, every single one of these people will do everything possible to avoid these topics…out of sheer boredom.

I know this because I’ve tried. I’m a Scorpio Moon and WE most definitely do care about those kinds of topics.

Scorpio is nothing if not a logician. Everything they rely on or have an interest in is based in logic, evidentiary data and their own, personal experience. Anything outside these parameters is simply speculation and therefore, to the Scorpio mind, non-existent. As an example of this, my stepmother just happens to have seen two ‘spirits’ in her life. She is a very quiet, demure woman. She hardly talks at all and over these almost 30 years that I’ve known her, I’ve never once heard her speak of anything outside the mundane, material world other than these two experiences. She has never lied to me, and with my Scorpio Moon I can see lies before they’re spoken, nor have I ever seen her be less than outright honest with anyone else. This is not to say that she doesn’t ‘filter’ what she says, as any true Scorpio will. But she didn’t reveal these sightings to me until a few years ago when I actually asked her outright if she’d ever experienced anything that she thought was ‘supernatural’. But this, her actual experience, is as far as she goes with her belief or interest in things outside the material. She becomes visibly uncomfortable and changes the subject if ‘weird’ topics come up regarding things that she has no experience with. The same goes for every Scorpio in my life.

I’m not telling you that because none of my close family and friends who are Scorpios don’t have an interest in these types of topics that none do. It depends on the individual. Although Scorpio is the most dramatically (in my opinion) obvious and trait-stable sign in the zodiac, they are also all very much individuals in their tastes, outward demeanor, outward appearance and interests. It seems obvious to me that if a Scorpio is born into and raised within a family with spiritualist or occult interests, they will probably develop that interest as well. And if something becomes an interest for a Scorpio, it’s safe to say that it actually becomes somewhat of an obsession. This is why they are so freaking good at what they do, whatever that is.

What I’m telling you is not to believe these bullshit, hand-me-down statements about ANY zodiac sun sign. Study the people you meet. Do as I do and ask every person you encounter what their sign is, or…if you’re uncomfortable bringing up astrology with certain people as I am, just ask what their birthday is. Most people will tell you and then you can internally study them.  (However, I once casually met a Scorpio female who, when I asked her birthday, became visibly uncomfortable and asked why I would want that information).

This is one of my obsessions. I feel like I’ve been collecting data on personalities for most of my life. Only now, in my 50’s, do I feel comfortable making a few fundamental statements about the varied sun signs.

Next time, I’d like to do a discussion of something that truly fascinates me. The physical characteristics of the signs.


Author: RocketSurgery

Scorpio Moon granny, curious to a fault, straight vegan, lover of family, animals, clouds, rocks, Astrology, ancient history, mystery, and vain pursuer of truth.

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