Dark, Aloof, Hilarious and Sex Personified…SCORPIO šŸ˜ˆ

I’m getting back into astrology lately, a subject that I have ALWAYS been fascinated with. And I don’t even understand why.  It’s been a lifelong interest and if you had to give me a by-line by which I might be summed up…it would be ‘what’s your birthday?’.

I don’t remember exact birthdays a lot of the time, except for our kids and close family and friends.  But I guarantee you that if I know your sign, even if we’ve only met once, I’ll never forget it.  It’s a weird thing.

And I’ve developed my own set of theories, and likes and dislikes, associated with each sign, as have most people with an interest, I’m sure.  Some of these ‘opinions’ are purely subjective and only related to my own interactions with people in each of the signs.  And frankly, there are all the other planets and their aspects and locations at the time of our birth that really do impact largely on how we present ourselves to the world and how we actually feel on the inside where people rarely see.  So a SCORPIO to one person might just be a scorpio to another.

I can’t imagine that, frankly.  Because all Scorpios should be capitalized.  They deserve this because they are, without a doubt, the rockstars of the zodiac in my book.  And no.  I’m not a Scorpio.  But my moon is in Scorpio and I think that’s where my complete admiration for, and total compatibility with, this sign originates from.  I understand them.

I need to be a little more specific here.  I am compatible with Scorpio males.  Although you will never hear me criticize a Scorpio female, we do develop issues with one another after too long of an interaction.  My experience with Scorpio females, and this includes my maternal grandmother, is that they talk.  And talk.  And talk some more.  I’ve had lots of interactions with them and this trait ‘appears’ universal with the exception of my stepmom who is very feminine, demure and doesn’t share a lot of information unless directly questioned…and like many Scorpios, directly questioning them about certain topics is an easy way to make them distrust you and turn them off instantly.

Scorpio females are awesome, hardworking, thoroughly dedicated individuals.  And they like to share information but it seems to me that it’s only a particular sort.  The sort that has literally nothing to do with them and is more along the lines of trivia.  They’re not gossips but they like to talk about all the events in the lives of their family and friends.  Which implies, correctly I must say, that although you’ll know less than nothing about them, they will know EVERYTHING about you and they will go to any lengths to know it.  This applies to both males and females.

Family is highly important to literally all Scorpios and if you meet one that’s kinda screwed up and bordering on insane/scary, there’s probably some kind of break with, or major f-up in, their family life.  This sign is deeply, deeply attached to the people they love and their home/home life.

My grandmother loved the daylights out of her entire family, with the exception of my granddad.  I’m pretty sure she would’ve loved to kill him.  And she never stopped talking about the family, friends and people that we didn’t even know.  She was a Texan and I can still hear the way she’d start off her running dialogue about the latest escapades of 75 different friends or family members.

‘Naw…Eileen and her husband, Willy, drove down to Desoto to see their neighbor’s son last weekend. You remember him.  Named Hubert but they call him Hub.  He’s working for the electric company down there now.  I think he’s one of them that climbs the poles.  His wife went to school with Addie May but I think they were a couple of years apart.  But naw…he had a fishing boat for sale and they drove down to see it.  I haven’t heard from Eileen about whether they bought the boat or not.  It had been sitting out behind Hub’s house for years and weeds and all had grown up around it, he told Eileen anyway.  He’s trying to get his house ready to sell and needs to clean his yard up.  Speaking of which, the Diaz family down by Rogers Rd are selling that old house they’ve lived in for 50 years and……’

It just never stopped.  And I loved it.  But I never truly knew my grandma in an intimate way.  I never knew how she felt about anything, except despising my granddad, and I never knew what any of her beliefs about life and the world were.

My grandma called pants ‘paints’.  šŸ˜Š

But as an adult, and with Scorpio women who are not my beloved grandma, this talk grates on my nerves.  All conversations I’ve ever had with a Scorpio female have left me feeling ‘talked at’.  And two of my greatest pet peeves is for someone to ramble on about people I’ve never met in my life and small talk.  I like two way conversations where we both show an interest in one another’s lives and activities.  I love deep, philosophical conversations and ‘meeting of minds’ types of interactions…or nothing at all.  But with a Scorpio woman, she’s going to expect you to take the initiative and talk back AT her.  I believe, in her mind, she’s freely sharing her information and perhaps waiting for me to do the same.  But I’m not that way to just start yakking about the new furniture my neighbors, whom this woman I’m speaking with doesn’t even know, just bought for their patio.  I’m not going to start reeling off the dates of marriage of my entire ancestry back to the 13th century.  Scorpio women are highly intelligent and have an awe-inspiring capacity for total recall of endless details and, like beautiful Virgo, they’re gonna share.  Virgo shares information of a highly intellectual nature, so high in fact, that literally no one else in the room can relate.  As a ‘for instance’, I was once at a raging, wild party when I was younger and a Virgo female lured me into the basement to talk about the linguistic characteristics of the Hebrew language.  She even got on the computer so she could explain to me the exact meanings behind the shapes of each letter.  Virgo is wonderfully intelligent and I love them so much and I have to say that even this type of hardcore, unapproachable banter is worlds more interesting to me than what some Scorpio women choose to talk about.  But again, don’t think I don’t respect and admire these women.  This type of mind-numbing discourse is a diversion technique.  They’re keeping you safely away from the ‘good stuff’.  Which is all I’m ever interested in.  And after 10 minutes my eyeballs have rotated 180 degrees toward the back of my skull and I’m drooling.

But let me tell you, this woman GETS SHIT DONE.  The capable, well-adjusted ones fill their days from daybreak to bedtime with organization, errands, preparing meals, taking care of kids, keeping a spotless house all while working at an actual PROFESSION.

My moon is in Scorpio but a Scorpio sun woman leaves my Sagittarius ass in the DIRT when it comes to keeping their life on an orderly and progressive path.  While they’re ruling the world, I’m on a float in the pool with a beer and a cigarette wondering if the clouds are actually living beings.  Meanwhile there are 4 laundry baskets of clothes in the house waiting to be folded.  For the last two weeks.

My experience with Scorpio males is quite different, indeed.  My soulmate, the absolute love of my life for the last 17 years, is a classic, tall, very dark, very handsome true Scorpio.  Our initial ‘getting together’ was like two galaxies colliding.  Violent and frightening and potentially bloody with lots of planet-sized sparks.

As a Scorpio moon, I was used to being ‘the boss lady’ in relationships.  It’s just a simple fact that I rarely encountered males that I could like, much less respect, in relationships because I was just more capable.  I joke about myself being lazy, and since meeting my Scorpio that’s definitely the case (refer to the pool statement above…accurate) since he’s made it his life’s mission to make the latter part of my life easy and care-free.  But I started working when I was 14 and never had a break, especially during many years of single motherhood and I could work circles around anyone, anywhere.  My stamina was legendary.

And him, being a Scorpio, well….c’mon.  There is no boss like the BOSS, right?

So, when we met and started dating, I (oh…so incorrectly) assumed that this man was like any other.  I could steam roll him with my powerful opinions and know-it-all attitude.  Scorpio Moons can cram a lot of information into our skulls.  And many times we are right in our opinions.  But when young and immature, there’s this little habit of ramming it down people’s throats with a broom handle and bullying people to get our point across.

Combine that with a Scorpio moon temper and I’m surprised I didn’t burn the world down when I was younger.

Despite the initial cosmic meltdowns that we had (and all the windows that had to be replaced and walls that had to be patched…you think I’m joking, don’t you?), we both knew within that first year that this was a lifetime relationship.  A forever kind of deal.  And the biggest reason for this is that we both knew right away that we had both met our match.  I understood his uncontrollable temper because my temper was out of control.  I accepted his darkness because he accepted mine.  And although when people are around us, they may see the light-hearted, jovial, friendly connection between us, our relationship is a living, breathing, spiritual entity that binds us.  For me, this rock-solid security is like heaven.  I’m home.

Scorpio Part Deux coming up




Author: RocketSurgery

Scorpio Moon granny, curious to a fault, straight vegan, lover of family, animals, clouds, rocks, Astrology, ancient history, mystery, and vain pursuer of truth.

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