Ok, weirdos.  We need to have a conversation about a topic that potentially affects MANY of us who love the outdoors and spending time in nature, the wilds.

There is something bizarre, and kind of scary, happening in remote forests, boulder fields, high elevations in mountainous regions and even in people’s homes. This post is not based on a flight of fancy of my construction.  It’s based on very detailed, documented facts.  And in this day and time, it would also be deemed by many (only those who have not read the facts) as a hoax or a cobbling-together of cases to create the illusion of conspiracy.  And the study of these phenomena would, without a doubt, be classified as pseudo-science.

The wind began to be taken out of the sails of topics like this back in the 19th century when ‘science’ was dreamed up.  I’m being facetious.  Science and the true scientific method are above reproach in my book.

But that’s the issue.

True scientific method is a complete misnomer in relation to the way ‘science’ is practiced in our world today, most notably, in the US.  You don’t have to look very far or very wide to find the records of falsified research results, skewed results, completely bogus experiments and outright hoaxes that have been perpetuated by ‘scientists’, many of whom have been, and are, lauded by humanity as the former and current pinnacles of academia.  Furthermore, in our bullshit fascist United States (yes…fascist) where money is truly the only ‘god’ we know and understand, science is no longer pursued for the sake of knowledge and directing our evolution and thought processes toward the truth and what is right and good.  Scientists no longer struggle through the nights in their own dark, poor abodes in search of truth for truth’s sake.  No.  They struggle to acquire multi-million dollar research grants and lucrative research positions from and with repulsively rich corporate entities who not only just want to sell some shit…they want to know how to manipulate our minds into buying that shit…scientifically.   It’s all about the money, baby, and they will make those results, and that white paper, say whatever they need to make it say for that money.  They will stoop as low as low as required including but not limited to torturing and murdering millions of animals in research projects, pouring highly destructive neurological-toxins into our water supply (fluoride), dreaming up new and frightening designer chemicals to make our lawns green or dessimate the insect life that lives there, conjuring up genetically altered seeds that make more money for them but have been shown to be horribly destructive to the human body.  The list of their atrocities never ends.

I’m not going to rant further about this at this point.  There is an abundance of information out there today for you to look into this yourself.

The reason I am opening this little brain blow-out of mine with that rant is because ‘science’ is getting nervous.  I have to tell you…I was a science junkie all my life.  Before I dropped out of college, I was a Biology major and I drank everything they were pouring.  I literally watched every mainstream documentary and read every mainstream book written by whatever ‘Neil DeGrasse Tyson’ person they were selling at the moment.

This ‘sucking at the great teat of consumer science’ stopped several years ago and the reasons for that will be alluded to in this and other posts in this category.  But let me end this part of the post by saying that I’m not the only marginally intelligent person to give science the finger.  I still subscribe to several scientific newsletters just to keep up with the fresh garbage they’re spewing at the moment and the tone of their emails is changing rapidly.  Now, instead of blathering on about finding a new form of light, which won’t feed the starving children in the world or keep me from murdering someone in a traffic jam, they’re beginning to regularly send out articles about how to reign in the herd of ‘stupid’ people who are, in their words, chasing after bullshit pseudo-scientific theories instead of listening to ‘smart’ people like them who are BONA FIDE.


But yeah, the masses are beginning to lose interest in the guano that science gives us on a daily basis.  Why?  Because literally nothing the majority of them come up with after spending trillions of dollars on their dumb projects, enhances or affects our lives in any way, shape or form.  More importantly, their stupid discoveries or inventions never, ever help alleviate or improve the sufferings of human beings or progress them on the path of growth and enlightenment.  You tell me…how does it help you or improve your life in any way to know that there is an ‘earth-like’ planet 2 million (or whatever) light years away?  It doesn’t.  In fact, if it helped anyone, it would help a corporate entity who decided to mine minerals or metals there or the government who might, 300 years from now, decide to colonize it.  Even then, it wouldn’t be you or me who colonized that place.  It would be disgustingly rich people who could buy their way there.  ‘Science’ and its produce is not for us.  We are simply the fuel to make the ‘science’ for them.

Do you know what does affect us?  Documented cases of potentially hundreds of people simply vanishing from the face of the earth, in every country, under the most bizarre of circumstances…for hundreds of years.

I can’t abide ridiculous theories with no basis in fact and evidence that I can see, experience and understand.  That’s why I am drawn so strongly to this topic…because there simply are no truly relevant theories that can explain these disappearances.  But the facts and the inexplicable nature of these people simply vanishing, many times from the immediate presence of other people, are rock solid, highly documented…and simply mind-boggling.

I was turned on to this topic by hearing about a book series called ‘Missing 411’ by David Paulides.  I have to say, at first I was very skeptical about the nature of the book.  Too many times, I’ve had books and authors recommended to me that, frankly, were just full of shit. I don’t have time to read wild speculations and fantastical theories about reptoids and aliens and military moon bases.  I’m just not into that when there is literally not one shred of solid, concrete evidence to support it.  Notice that I’m not saying ‘none of that shit exists’ because I don’t know that.  I’m just saying that because I’ve never seen a reptilian or an alien and I haven’t flown my rocket-ship (which I cobbled together from some lawn mower and VCR parts and which runs on bio-fuel) to the moon and actually laid eyes on the military bases that are alleged to be there, I am not interested.  No proof.

These cases are astonishing because there IS highly detailed documentation about the circumstances under which these people have vanished.  There are sometimes multiple police reports, reports from search and rescue personnel, bystanders, National Park Service reports and newspaper articles.   And then there is the documented physical evidence which, shockingly, is very consistent from case to case.

I know, I know.  All those reasonings and rationales that are flying through your mind right now were flying through mine as well.  Since most of these disappearances (at least the ones in first 4 books) take place in very wild and remote areas, and especially in National Parks, the first thing that comes to mind is they just got lost, or they fell off a cliff, or they were attacked by a wild animal and eaten, or they were sick somehow and just roamed off and died.

Not so.

In the cases that Mr. Paulides focuses on, the indicators of any of these scenarios (and literally any others that you may dream up) are completely absent.  In the case of getting lost, FLIR-(forward looking infrared radiometer) equipped helicopters exist and are used by search and rescue and would pick up a heat signature from a living or recently deceased person.  In the case of a deceased person whose body has been out in the elements for awhile and can’t be picked up by FLIR, cadaver-sniffing dogs can find them…but not in these cases.  Bloodhounds or scent dogs are an almost infallible way to locate people, living or dead…but in these cases, either the dogs refuse to track or they can’t find a scent even if the person was known to be in a certain area only hours before.  If you’re hiking, even in a very remote area, and become lost and die…something of your possessions should be found.  Your backpack, your supplies, your shoes, your clothing.  In so many of these cases, people have disappeared in relatively open areas and nothing is ever found of the person.  Ever.  If you fall off a cliff, your body and possessions should be found at the base of the cliff.  You may say ‘Well, an animal dragged the body off and consumed it.’  There should be physical indicators of that, human DNA or clothing in scat, drag marks, bone found with teeth markings, etc.  The whole ‘a bear ate him’ doesn’t work either if the person was alive.  There’d be a major scene of violence including blood, tissue, torn clothing…plus, I think if someone in a group of hikers was suddenly snatched by a bear, he might scream, right?  Nothing like this takes place.

I’m not going to go into this much further because if you have an interest, and honestly weirdos, we all need to know the facts of these cases and the dangers that exist in the wilds, you need to go to the website, http://www.canammissing.com, and purchase these books and read the evidences and facts surrounding these disappearances yourself.  I have nothing to do with the author of these books and am receiving NO compensation for recommending them, whatsoever.  This is a true mystery that true ‘science’ needs to look into and that everyone of us need to be aware of.  Many of these victims are children and if you’re a parent, it would behoove you to know that they may be in significant danger in our Natuonal Parks and in wild and remote regions anywhere in the world.

THESE are the mysteries that the science community should focus on.  When you read these books, you will understand that something inexplicable is afoot in these cases and there are literally thousands of them.  You also need to know, and Mr. Paulides does an exceptional job of relating to you, that the National Park Service is not your friend when it comes to advising you of the dangers to you and your families in the areas that they oversee.  They insist that they DO NOT keep a database or list of the people who’ve gone missing in their parks…and as I said….there are thousands of these cases.  Why would there be no list of persons who’ve disappeared in their parks???  If a body is eventually found, wouldnt a list kept by the NPS assist in identification?  ‘Oh yeah, this lady so-and-so disappeared from a trail in 1980 near that location where the remains were found’.  Duh.  You will understand, after reading the first book or two, that it actually seems like the NPS is participating in a massive cover-up, of sorts.  This doesn’t imply that they are involved in the disappearances…there’s no evidence of that whatsoever.  But it does imply that they do not want us to know of the very real, yet unknown/unidentified, danger that exists within the bounds, and in the surrounding areas of, the parks that they oversee.

I would love to hear comments from people who’ve read the books and anyone else who has a thought to share on this issue.

Later, weirdos.

Author: RocketSurgery

Scorpio Moon granny, curious to a fault, straight vegan, lover of family, animals, clouds, rocks, Astrology, ancient history, mystery, and vain pursuer of truth.

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