Home of the Fog

So, I’ve tried the whole blog thing countless times.  I get bored with it.  Or I get my feelings hurt by a comment someone left.  Or I forget I have a blog.  Shit happens and, apparently, I exist to help that shit occur.

I really hope I can make this blog a regular part of my daily life.  It’s not that I have any illusions that anyone will be interested in my seriously boring life.  I just have a lot of stuff rattling around in my gourd and it seems like a normal thing to do to allow it to escape the chaos of my brain.

What can you expect to find in this blog?  If I can stick to this, I will be talking about several topics of interest to me.  My and my family’s vegan lifestyle, ramblings about my family in general, my fascination with ancient history and the mysteries of the distant past (and the mysteries of the present!), some worthless ponderings on modern Amurican (my spelling) culture, my thoughts, experiences and questions regarding spirituality, a little armchair philosophy, my dreadlocks, my two sweet cats and my adorable mini schnauzer, and nature.

So, stay tuned.  I’d say blog post number 2 may indicate whether this endeavor will become a thing.  If not, I apologize for totally wasting your time.  😕